Sunday, December 19, 2010

A job application to NDTV

Here's how the application to the CEO of NDTV begins [via Churumuri who has also posted the entire letter]:

Respected Dr. Roy,

I am writing to apply for the post of Group Editor, English News, NDTV.

I am a journalist with 26 years experience. Throughout my career I have made innocent mistakes. I have been silly, I have been gullible and I have been prone to making errors of judgement. Frequently, when I am “desperate for khabar” I also fib to sources. I string them along so much that I have often tied myself up in knots.

In short, I’m just the right guy to lead the nation’s most reputed English news channel.

The candidate offers several episodes from his career to support his application. Here's one:

1.When I was just a few months into the profession, Akali Dal leader Sant Longowal was assassinated. His assassination followed Indira Gandhi’s who was killed just a few months earlier. I had just subbed the copy when my chief sub asked me “what’s the headline?” “Longowal calls on Indira Gandhi,” I read out loud and proud. [...]