Friday, April 30, 2010


  1. Fake University Alert: The Indian School of Business -- which figures in the top 25 in the Financial Times list of top B-schools worldwide -- is also among the institutions that are running without the mandatory approval from AICTE, the regulatory authority for B-schools. It shares this dubious honor with IIPM, among others.

    Before some of you jump on me for using the F-word in the context of ISB, let me hasten to add that it's from what the HRD Minister said in the Parliament:

    “Statutory bodies have also been advised to launch effective campaigns against such institutions which are fake and to take appropriate action under law. The media has also been requested to refuse to publish misleading ads by such institutions ,” Sibal said. [Bold emphasis added]

  2. This week's episode of Steven Strogatz's series Math: From Basic to Baffling: Chances Are -- The improbable thrills of probability theory.

  3. Julia Galef at Rationally Speaking: Essential or Incidental -- On the fallacy called Confusion of Essence and Accident.

  4. Mark Liberman answers several interesting questions about the multiple uses of the phrase "begging the question":

    ... First, how did "begging the question" come to be a technical term for (a certain kind of) circular reasoning? Second, do people really need a way to talk about circular reasoning, anyway? Third, why did "begging the question" get re-purposed in common usage to mean "dodging the question" or "raising the question", rather than simply subsiding, along with the rest of the terminology of medieval logic, into the midden heap of obsolete idioms? And fourth, should you go with the flow and use "beg the question" to mean "raise the question", or should you fight for the traditional usage, or what? I'll take up these issues one at a time.


  1. Pratik Ray said...

    A few questions to think of -

    - Does ISB have approval from any other agency?

    - Does not having AICTE approval make an institute "fake", even if it provides better education than the rest of the lot who are not fake? (disclaimer: I know nothing about B-schools, so these questions are sort of general in nature rather than pertaining strictly to ISB)

    - Is it mandatory for an institute with it's main campus operating in India to have approval from an Indian agency and not something like say ABET

    - Why does ISB not have AICTE approval? Was it denied? Or did they never approach AICTE? If it was denied, then how does it have a relatively good standing? If they did not approach, again, it begs the question why?

  2. Anonymous said...

    why is there double standards between ISB and IIPM? Even IIPM is ranked within top 5 for India in several surveys. My first question is why is ISB in top25 only in FT but not in other international surveys? It does not even rank within top 5 for India in other national and international surveys. People involved in Satyam scam and insider trading scam have links with ISB. So it may not be difficult for them to rig a FT survey.

    ISB is an over hyped institute, for kids of rich parents. It does not have a proper research program. Members of the faculty are
    either fly by night visiting profs or resident faculty with new PhD and zero teaching and research experience. They cant even provide placements for everyone inspite of not having any kind of reservation. Then for what are they charging 20 lakhs + / year .

  3. Skeptic said...

    AICTE does not approve of ISB because it does not offer a 2-year degree. ISB does not care about AICTE approval because it follows the international best practice which is to offer 1-year to 18-month MBA degrees. AICTE needs to wake up. The list of 'fake' institutions contain many top places (such as in economics) which the government has branded as 'fake' in typical bureaucratic fashion.