Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bribery Charges Against MCI President

Ketan Desai, President, MCI, was arrested by CBI Thursday night allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs two crore to grant recognition to a medical college in Punjab." DNA reports that "he was removed from MCI on similar charges [in 2002], but re-elected later."

* * *

In July-August of 2009, one of the key officials at AICTE was arrested on graft charges [see this, this and this; see also Bibek Debroy's op-ed]. Following the arrest, the government also suspended the Chairman of AICTE "so that there is no possibility of investigation being influenced by his continuation in office.”


  1. Ungrateful Alive said...

    Death penalty. We can all use the oxygen left over. I mean, really. 60 years of the republic, and the number of vicious little pricks keeps on increasing (think IPL). We need a colon cleanse. BTW, Ketan Desai anagrams to "A Snake Tied".

  2. Umasree said...

    One bug worse than the AIDS virus that is killing India's fast growing economy is "Corruption".... Cases will be on for years with no solution... the practice will be silently in progress for common Indian want the work to be done at all levels.... there is no solace to this menace in India..Unless we bring in a widely accepted system to stop the bug from growing if not totally eradicating..God bless my country