Sunday, May 02, 2010

Are You a Topper? Here's Rs. Fifty Eight For You!

In a bizarre move, Bangalore University gave its toppers cash instead of gold medals.

In some cases, the cash award was as low as Rs. Fifty Eight.


Amrutha Venkatesh, a BSc student of MES College, who had won nine gold medals, sounded upset: “It was sad to receive a cash prize. They gave me Rs7,000 which I can spend in a minute. They could have given me at least one gold medal instead of nine, which I could have preserved for life.”


  1. gaddeswarup said...

    I still have two 'gold' medals (got during my second attempt at university education). The charm was gone after a few months and at one stage, my wife tried to see whether she could get some jewellery out of them. It turned out that they were gold plated.

  2. iitmsriram said...

    IITM has standard specifications for the "gold medal" prizes - 50 mm diameter 3 mm thick gold plated silver medal and Rs. 5000 cash. But of course, the plating thickness is not mentioned ...