Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mahesh Sharma fact-checks IIPM - Episode 2

In this episode, Mahesh Sharma of Careers 360 demolishes a new claim by IIPM that its students will receive their BBA and/or MBA degrees from the University of Buckingham, UK.

[While the story has a somewhat muted headline -- "IIPM makes another claim" -- read the URL. It's blunt and to-the-point: "IIPM -- Yet Another Lie"!]

The new claim about the University of Buckingham was made in a recent ad -- an ad that was released after Sharma exposed the bogussitude of IIPM's earlier claims that the BBA / MBA degrees were from IMI, Belgium.

All power to Mahesh Sharma and Careers 360. They are doing a job that is too ducking fifficult for our regulators -- AICTE, in particular -- and some of our stupid magazines that keep including IIPM in their annual rankings of B-schools (Outlook, which dumped it in 2005, is an honorable exception).

* * *

I linked to the first episode of Mahesh Sharma's fact-checking coup . The youth magazine JAM did a fact-check on IIPM in March 2006. You do remember all the great things it led to, don't you?


  1. Anonymous said...

    instead of iipm, why dont you focus on the real malignant frauds like sri sri ravishankar, sathya sai baba and brainwashing done by amway? or maybe you don't because your 'educated' peers are willing victims of such scams. each of these cults, and there are many many more of them, ruin far more families than some insignificant b-school. why dont you try educating your colleagues and students about the pitfalls of sri sri and sai baba at least (there are plenty of 'highly educated' devotees in your surroundings)

  2. Anonymous said...

    here is a headstart

    sathya sai baba

    sri sri

    amway (didnt get any indian horror stories, but have witnessed zombie-like behavior from people with even phd degrees and wives of iisc profs)

  3. Sandesha Guglani said...

    Bravo!!! So one guesses that the poor blogger writing the article hasn't clearly had management education from IIPM, doesn't intend to either; in fact, given his words, intends to not have any MBA education; or most possibly, not have any education at all :-) Bravo boy! Keep it up. I agree with the anon post above. Grow up guys beyond IIPM :-) Strange I don't see so many comments on a middle-income group engineer being killed in UP or similar murders all around. Or even the 700 million Indians living below the poverty line. Hey, they don't give full page ads, do they honey?! Bravo...