Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The scoop on IIPM

Mahesh Sharma of Careers 360 does the right thing by fact-checking the claims made by IIPM .

[Following an alert from a colleague, I found the link to this story from the website of Outlook; I have no idea about the link between Outlook and Careers 360.]

Here's a quick summary from Sharma about what he did; it is followed by all the gory details, starting with IIPM"s claim that its students receive BBA/MBA "degrees" from an institution called IMI in Belgium:

... We sent mails to all those, that IIPM draws upon to validate its claims in its advertisements, namely - journalists, editors, foreign universities, employers. We spoke to current and former students and their parents. What our investigation unravelled left us cold. Here is an institution that enjoys all the privileges of an academic institution (according to IT authorities, it claimed exemptions citing Section 10(23C) (VI) of the Income Tax act, 1961) with zero responsibility and accountability. Here is an institution that brazenly uses its power and reach to make unsubstantiated claims that play with the lives of students and parents alike. We know we are opening a Pandora's Box, but are prepared for the repercussions, knowing fully well that you, our readers are with us. We were shocked by our findings, and what you are reading is just a part of it. We await your verdict.

The irony of a fake university claiming income tax concessions meant for academic institutions is just awesome!

In case you have forgotten IIPM's brush with the desi blogosphere, you might want to start from this post.


  1. benza said...

    Keep up the good work Sir.
    The country and the rest of the world need people like you to be active and expose the culprits, liars and cheaters.
    When people are made aware of the hidden dirt of politicians the democracy is saved for the silent majority of right thinking people.

  2. Vikas Gupta said...

    Careers 360, the career magazine, is the newest Outlook venture.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Careers360 has been started by the publisher of outlook and is his own venture. It is not part of the Outlook group.

  4. Anonymous said...

    "Careers360 is the first and flagship magazine from Pathfinder Publishing Pvt. Ltd, a new venture promoted by Maheshswer Peri, President and Publisher, Outlook Group," Says the about page on the site.