Sunday, June 07, 2009

Links ...

  1. Jeanna Bryner in Live Science: Girls Get Math: It's Culture That's Skewed

  2. Cornelia Dean: Women are seen bridging gap in science opportunities.

  3. UW-M press release: Culture, not biology, key factor to math gender gap, UW researchers say

  4. Sharon Begley in Newsweek: The Math Gender Gap Explained

  5. The Econonmist: Fraud in Science - Liar! Liar!

  6. Deepa Narayan: Poverty's Two-Way Street.

  7. Roger Lowenstein's review of The Myth of the Rational Market by Justin Fox.


  1. karthik said...

    I would love to believe the gender equality theories.. but personal experience says otherwise..

    The results of Karnataka PU board have a lot of girls in the top list . This exam is considered to be rote based. However, traditionally CET, which is considered to be fairly tough and objective, is completely dominated by boys.
    One counter argument could be that only the top 20 ranks are reported and there is no data on the rest.
    Assuming everyone who gets a rank within the top 2000 of CET , ends up in a engineering college-the number of girls studying in any engineering college is relatively less compared to boys,suggesting that the trends exists even for ranks >1000.

    What I would be interested is to find any relevant research article,which would counter my argument. If you fail to get the complete picture do post your questions and I can get back.

    This data, in loose terms, proves that girls mug more than guys and has been cited in innumerable arguments involving superiority of the sexes :)