Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yesterday vs. Tomorrow

While my own immediate reaction to the results of Elections-09 is one of (immense) relief, Harini's reaction is quite exuberant:

Advani v/s [Manmohan Singh] came down to basics - Whining v/s strength. Bitterness v/s vision. Powerlust v/s duty. Exclusion v/s inclusion. Hindutva v/s Bharatiyata. Yesterday v/s Tomorrow. The people have chosen well. [Bold emphasis added]

I have a quibble, though. The appropriate era the Iron Man is to be associated with is not "yesterday." It's the Stone Age.

With all due apologies, of course, to the people of the Stone Age.


  1. gaddeswarup said...

    Probably there was no religion in the Stone Age,
    I am glad too.

  2. Pratik Ray said...

    May be I belong to the stone age, but Congress forming the next govt isnt a step forward imho. Its just a slower step backward compared to the other two options (3rd front and BJP under Advani).

    3rd front leaders wont get to be the PM, yay! Advani wont be either, and that's good too, since he really never did strike me as leadershhip material and is too much of a religious hardliner; Vajpayee, yes, Advani, no.

  3. Can we have some sanity here please? said...

    People wonder why politicians in India are not as graceful as those in the US (Ref: McCain's speech after losing out to Obama) What about the citizens themselves? Did the Americans pass snide remarks at McCain as if he had no business to fight a Presidential election? No.
    Advani, like McCain, has devoted his entire life to the service of his nation. Please do not try to belittle his contribution to Indian politics and his standing as a leader. Some respect for the runner-up,despite his shortcomings, would be appreciated. Remember - nobody, not even Manmohan Singh, is perfect.

  4. Anonymous said...

    We don't have much sanity and grace in indian public sphere because the very intellectuals(??) who claim to be torchbearers of certain values subscribe to them only in certain situations - when it suits them. They reserve the right to express their raw emotions in appallingly crude ways - that includes contemptuous dismissal to calling names - just about anyone they don't like. That is their freedom of speech! Though, in this situation, the high excitement quotient could have been contributory.