Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Links ...

  1. Aurelie Thiele: The Dark Side of Academia.

  2. Elisabeth Rosenthal in NYTimes: In German Suburb, Life Goes On Without Cars.

  3. Parvathi Menon and S. Bageshree in The Hindu: Caste and electoral choice: the Karnataka case: "The theory that Lingayats and Vokkaligas constitute a ‘vote-bank’ is based on three erroneous assumptions. The first is that they are a numerical majority in certain districts of the State. Secondly, members of these communities vote only for a community candidate. Third, a non-Vokkaliga or non-Lingayat cannot win from a constituency in which one of these groups dominates without getting the community vote."

  4. Yogendra Yadav in The Hindu: The Endgame and What It Portends: "The outcome of this phase is linked to women. This is not merely because three major women leaders are in the fray, but also because of the way women vote, says Yogendra Yadav

  5. D. Karthikeyan in The Hindu: Tamil Nadu's Dalit Vote.