Sunday, May 17, 2009

Memories of Elections-09

Sort of like this, but without the kind of work that went into that site. [Update: Rahul Siddharthan has converted it into a nice graphic: pdf (700+ KB) or PNG (500+ KB)].

In no particular order, here we go:

* * *
India Shining
No, no. Bharat Shining!
Naveen Patnaik
1984 riots
No security forces for 20/20 matches
BJD breaks with BJP
Varun Gandhi
Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar
Mangalore pub attacks
N. Gopalswamy
EC Advice to BJP: Don't field Varun
Varun booked under NSA
Shoes flung at P. Chidambaram!
26/11 Trial
Nikamma PM
Sri Ram Sene
Strong Leader
BJP to EC: Fuck you!
Kasab's lawyer
Third Front
Decisive Leader
Shoes flung at Advani!
Mayawati for PM!
Nano Nandigram
Mamata Didi
Modi for PM!
Taliban video
Arun Jaitley sulks
Shoes flung at Yeddyurappa!
Obama: Manmohan Singh is a wise and decent man
Social engineering
Jai Ho!
Babri Masjid
Nuclear Deal
Humble farmer and secret meeting
Iron Man melts
Moral Police
Is Pakistan a failed state?
Fourth Front
Bhay Ho!
Political crisis in Nepal
Left's dalliance with extremist Islamic party in Kerala
Three-Hour Fast
Halt to use of heavy artillery
Why is Brendan McCullum still the captain?
What will Buddha do?
Human shield
Strength in speech and weakness in action
Samosa:Aaloo :: Bihar:Laloo
Af-Pak Strategy
2 Square-kilometers
I'm hurt by the PM's words. Boo-hoo!
Special Investigating Team
Obama's First Hundred Days
Black Money Stashed Abroad
Pink Chaddi Campaign
Kamran Khan
Racism in Kolkata Knight Riders?
Jayapradha may commit suicide
Modi for PM!
Strong Leader
J supports creation of Eelam
Sonia Gandhi
Rohit Sharma can bowl?
Mulayam for PM!
Exit polls
Varun Gandhi
Prakash Karat
Hung Parliament
Racism in KKR?
Rahul Gandhi as PM!
Competent, confident leader
Vodafone Zoo-zoos
Laloo for PM?
Centrist politics
Rahul, the game-changer?
Singh is King!


  1. Rahul Siddharthan said...

    Nice. As for the "hard work" -- Here you go. (png version)

  2. Rahul Siddharthan said...

    Oops, corrected link for PDF version. (PNG link is fine)

  3. Abi said...

    Hi Rahul, that's pretty nice. Thanks!

    You mean, that wasn't "hard work"?

  4. Rahul Siddharthan said...

    It took about half an hour. For any geeks reading this, here are the tools I used: python, LaTeX (pdflatex), pdfcrop, emacs. The basic steps were to generate individual images of each of your lines, and to line them all together vertically. I used LaTeX for both of these steps. For the first step, I wrote a python program that reads each of your lines and generates a LaTeX document to typeset that line in uppercase helvetica; and then ran pdflatex and pdfcrop on each. For the second step, I started with the list of cropped PDFs from the first step, and created a LaTeX file that lined them up. And, again, pdfcrop'd the result. Finally, used gimp to convert the PDF to a PNG.