Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ram Puniyani: RSS-BJP -- Father, Son, and Unholy Mission

See also his article from 2005: Is RSS a terrorist organization?

His website has more. Lots more.

From his Tehelka column:

Mr. Advani has been calling Manmohan Singh as the weakest Prime Minister for quite some time. Recently Manmohan Singh, decided to hit back and he reminded the nation about the role of Advani in Kandhar episode, Babri demolition and Gujarat violence. Sonia Gandhi’s response to Advani’s barbs was at deeper level as she called Advani and most of BJP leadership as ‘slave of RSS’ (Bidar, Karnataka 15th April) This jolted the BJP leadership which gave some weakly mumbled response. BJP-RSS relationship was once again brought to the public attention. It became clear that it is really the RSS which through various mechanisms, ideological and organizational, controls the second largest party in the country.


... [A]t Sindi (Wardha, Maharahtra) in 1954 from March 9 to March 16 a political training camp was organized for 300 pracharaks. The camp was aimed to train national RSS leadership for running the affairs of the country through Jana Sangh. RSS sarsangh chalak (supreme dictator) M.S. Golwalkar in his speech (March 16) elaborated his vision for Jana Sangh, "If we say that we are part of the organization and accept its discipline then selectiveness has no place in life. Do what is told. If told to play kabaddi, play kabaddi; told to hold meeting then meeting…For instance some of our friends were told to go and work for politics that does not mean that they have great interest or inspiration for it… If they are told to withdraw from politics then also there is no objection. Their discretion is just not required."


One will beg to differ with Sonia Gandhi on one count; slaves normally are just obeying the orders of the masters. Here the BJP, its leadership not only obeys the RSS orders, it has internalized the RSS agenda and its job is to devise different strategies and moves to ensure that RSS agenda of Hindu nation becomes strong. When in power BJP makes ground for infiltration of its siblings (other RSS progeny) to infiltrate in the state apparatus, social work, education and other possible conduits for transforming the state and society in the image of RSS.


  1. Yayaver said...

    dynasticism, commuanlism and communist fron with selfish regional parties :). Indian politics is cocktail of diversity.

  2. Anonymous said...

    you seems to have no problem with blind devotion Sonia Gandhi in Congress! If that is not slavery, may be we should redefine the word itself! After all, goddess of secularism in India has declared that it is BJP which in enslaved.
    By the way, when you complain about infiltration of right when BJP in power, do you ever bother to complain about blatant left wing takeover of power in state apparatus when congress is in government. May be you were sleeping when AIIMS farce was going on in last 5 years.

  3. Anonymous said...

    It might have been the May 2nd 2009 edition but it says 'Posted on May 2nd 2009'.

    I wonder if Ram Puniyani can travel to the future. Impressive!

  4. Anonymous said...

    In the first 50 years of congress rule post-independence, each and every instrument of state apparatus, social sphere, media, education/universities etc. was infested with the likes of Ram Puniyani. It is they who controlled every aspect of public life. Now that their grip is eroding, we can expect more of such activities - lectures, writings, discourse - all targetted at lesser mortals! I am glad that things have started to change for the better! Let Dr. Puniyani have more sleepless nights!


  5. cipher said...

    hehe..I see Hindtwits spamming whenever the true color of RSS/BJP is brought about. One should give credit to the RSS/BJP for being able to create an army of Hindtwits whose only job seems to be flood online forums with their woes of bias from all possible sides against their ilk (inspired from Advani jee etc). Sometimes they seem like irritating bots to me who need to be sprayed with some Norton Antivirus.

  6. Anonymous said...

    OMG! Norton Antivirus spray for being a hindtwit?

    My Lord! We beg you to be kind enough to commute our sentence to somethig more humane!

    a group of hindtwits