Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aakar Patel on L.K. Advani and Manmohan Singh

Here's his one sentence summary of Advani, his career, his politics, his outlook:

He offers nothing creative, even to Hindus, only resentment.

As for Singh, he introduces him as a "brutally tough man in politics"; the rest of his article is so glowingly positive that it'll make even this tough man blush!


  1. harini calamur said...

    that was a fabulous article. it was a salve after all the truck loads of propaganda on Advani's leadership ability - that has been flying around for the last 6 weeks.
    he couldn't prevent his people from breaking down the temple
    he couldn't prevent his CM from massacring Indian citizens
    he couldn't prevent his cabinet from releasing terrorists in the Kandahar crisis

    and he wants to head a Govt...
    joys :)

  2. Unknown said...

    It was obviously the most biased article written by a Congress stooge as payback for giving the HT publisher her RS seat. I'm surprised that a newspaper like Mint bothered to waste their time on an article like this.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Thanks for pointing me to an excellent article. I've been on the fence, personally, about who'd I choose if I was in a position to vote today. That article makes it crystal clear about who I should support. Congress may not have been spectacular in its political history, but (hopefully) it's changing for the better. Wish it would shed it's old dead skin---some of its aging politicians, who are a bane of existence---faster.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Well ckunte,
    if u take a congress stooge to have serious view, only u can think that u were on fence.
    "He offers nothing creative, even to Hindus, only resentment."
    shows just the hatred of authors.

    Can somebody tell me what congress and left wants to offer ?
    Only one agenda for congress is clear so far. It want to project Prince Rahul as next king.

  5. Anonymous said...

    @anon: Stooge or no stooge, there's no denying what the BJP's PM in waiting has done to this country---instill FUD among its populace. I am not sympathetic to Congress. They've had their share of the mess. But given who I'd choose as my country's leader, the least I'd do is choose somebody who's had at least one positive contribution to this country's progress.

  6. Anonymous said...

    This UPA government has passed the single most important piece of legislation in the history of our republic - the Right to Information Act. Just for that (and possibly only for that) they deserve to be reelected. The fact that despite the general non-performance of the incumbent government the main opposition party is almost certainly not going to win (or even gain seats) speaks of the complete bankruptcy of their ideas. No ideas, no worthwhile people, duplicitous and whiny leadership - and these jokers claimed a few years ago to be the "natural party of governance".

  7. Anonymous said...

    Mr. Patel has to this positive thing about Mr. Singh "He is cold-blooded enough to ignore the corruption of his allied ministers, because he understands it’s unimportant in the long run." Now, if THAT is a praise, I would not take it.

    Amusing! Patel, in his enthusiasm to please his masters, sounds like a buffoon. I also wonder what he will write when the Yuvraj, with all his glowing degrees, will begin his ascent to the throne :)

  8. srinivas said...

    How can you be so biased? I can understand if you think you have valid reasons to lean towards Congress, and hate BJP.
    This is the second time in last couple of days that you have linked to articles that deliberately present one sided views.

    All the criticism that was thrown at Advani might be well deserved but Mr. Singh a tough politician? give me a break.

    I was a very strong supporter of Mr. Singh till he became prime minister and showed that he doesn't have a spine and some more (
    I cursed Delhi electorate when he lost in the Lokh Sabha elections.

    But in the last five years he showed what he is capable of: nothing except playing as a pawn in the Dynasty's succession plans.

    I used to give a lot of credit to Mr.Singh for the reforms of 90s. Now, I know better. We can clearly see that it was Mr.PV Narasimha Rao
    who ushered in the reforms. Obviously he wanted to get something done, and handpicked an economist to do it.

    Compare what had been achieved in terms of economic reforms during Narasimha Rao's govt. and during Singh's govt. Narasimha Rao also had to deal with a coalition.

    IMO, Mr. Singh stooped too low to remain in power. []

  9. Ravindran said...

    Linking this kind of biased article only irritates people.

    Congress is the most communal of all parties.In the past 6 decades it has divided the country along vote banks. And why do people forget the 1984 Sikh pogrom by this party? It's a shame it always tries to hide away from...Look at Tytler...Look at it's opposition to bringing back black money...And MMS - what a spineless slave he has proved to be! Congress has made enough mess...It's time it's thrown off...for ever.

  10. Anonymous said...

    Let's say someone wants to find the material that is best suited for a particular purpose. There are two candidates M and A. A supposedly lacks the quality C and M supposedly has the quality T. Apparently, based on the above, one can conclude that M is the best material for the purpose. If this were a scientific experiment, some of the questions a good scientist would ask include: Are the claims about M valid? Is C the quality that one needs to look for in the material? If it is, does M have C?

  11. Anonymous said...

    @ Anonymous

    Yes, the claims about M Valid. Your experiment itself reveals it.

    If C = T

    Bcoz, according to you - A is not having either of quality C or T.

    thus, Winning chance of M is greater than A. :-))))))))

    Ans: The authur's opinion is no way biased.

  12. Gopi said...

    ROFL!!! How about revisiting this article and (re)enlightening us with your "Gyan", Mr Patel?