Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Lok Sabha Elections: Know your candidates

The website of the Chief Electoral Officer -- CEO! -- of Karnataka has all kinds of information for the state's voters. For example, I just searched the electoral rolls to make sure that I am indeed registered to vote.

The site also has information about the candidates contesting in the state's 28 constituencies. This information is furnished by the candidates themselves, and the CEO's role is primarily one of putting it in the public domain.

For Bangalore-North, our constituency, you can examine the documents filed by the candidates -- 28 of them!

There are two kinds of documents: a statement regarding criminal convictions (or, ongoing court cases that could lead to imprisonment for more than two years), and a statement of assets belonging to the candidate, his/her spouse and their dependents.

Let me park here the links to the affidavits (pdf) filed by the major party candidates contesting for our votes in Bangalore North:

  1. C.K. Jaffar Sharief (Congress): assets, criminal record

  2. D.B. Chandre Gowda (Bharatiya Janata Party): assets, criminal record

  3. Padmaa K. Bhat (Bahujan Samaj Party): assets, criminal record

  4. R. Surendra Babu (Janata Dal - Secular): assets, criminal record


  1. Anonymous said...

    First mayor Dr.Sanjeev Naik meets Muslims at Nerul durgah


    After the CIDCO demolished the illegal extensions made by the durgah on Thursday, the community gathered in thousands during the Friday prayer to protest the action of CIDCO. Navi Mumbai First Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik’s presence during the same time brought down the temperatures as first mayor appealed to all sides to settle the issue amicably.

    Tension still prevails at the Nerul Durgah situated on Palm Beach Road after CIDCO demolished the illegal extensions made at the Durgah without requisite permissions. While the day of the action had witnessed hundreds of Muslims protesting CIDCO’s drive, the second day being a Friday saw a mammoth crowd gather at the Durgah as thousands of Muslims arrived from all over Navi Mumbai and nearby cities arrived at the Durgah for Friday prayers. First Mayor Dr. Sanjeev Naik, who has always been NCP goodwill ambassador for all community………

  2. Anonymous said...

    NMMC Begins Pre-Monsoon work in the city.
    Many of the storm water drains in Vashi and Koperkhairane were cleaned by NMMC. The work has been started as a part of the pre monsoon work of NMMC.
    Storm water drains in various nodes of Vashi and Koperkhairane were cleaned by the civic body. Raising concerns over the problem of water logging during monsoons, the drains were cleaned by the civic body. It may be recalled that in the Standing Committee meeting of month of January 2009, Chairman Sandeep Naik too had appealed to the administration to take care of the road work to ensure that residents are not inconvenienced during monsoon.
    Looks like with the commencement of the pre-monsoon work, the administration has taken the appeal of the Chairman Sandeep Naik seriously.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik solicits co –operation from citizens to pay additional tax for using additional FSI.
    Thane guardian minister, Ganesh Naik has brought some respite to the property holders in the city by ordering a stay on the notices issued by municipal commissioner Vijay Nahata to pay up additional property tax to those utilizing additional floor space index (FSI), permitted by CIDCO.
    Meanwhile, Naik has assured during the elections that there will be no increase in property tax for the coming 20 Years. Now, Since NMMC has increased the rateable value and served notices to the additional FSI users to pay up additional property tax, the citizens are perplexed about NMMC’s Decision.
    Naik had urged the citizens to co-operate by paying additional property tax for using additional FSI, which he says is mandatory. He even advised the citizens that those who have built additional FSI and have not obtained the Mandatory Occupancy Certificate and/or Commencement Certificate; they should obtain it at the earliest and fulfill the legal terms for making their constructions authorized.