Saturday, January 17, 2009

Higher Ed Links ...

  1. Michael Nielsen: Three myths about scientific peer review; see also: How are the mighty fallen, with a link to a great article about famous economists' troubles in getting their articles published.

  2. Arunn Narasimhan: Plagiarism, peer review and the power of internet

  3. Giridhar: Research Double: I learned that IISc has 75 people with 100 papers and 1000 citations. Prof. C.N.R. Rao is in a league by himself, with 1000 papers and 10000 citations!

  4. Eric Beerkens: The Principle of Open Access

  5. Sean Carroll: Unsolicited Advice -- Part IX: Choosing a Post-Doc

  6. Giridhar (again): Grad School to Professor, with a bunch of links with advice.

  7. T.T. Ram Mohan: How international are US universities?

  8. Julianne Dalcanton: Things the Grad Admissions Committee Does Not Wish to See

  9. KaalEdge: How to Write a Great Statement of Purpose, and Part 2

  10. Inside Higher Ed: Manna from Washington.


  1. Giri@iisc said...

    "I learned that IISc has 75 people with 100 papers and 1000 citations."

    Shouldn't it read "more than 100 papers..."

    Anyway, guess how many faculty in Purdue have more than 250 papers with 2500 citations? It is 500.