Thursday, January 29, 2009

Congratulations, NDTV!

For winning the "Clueless Media Company of the Decade" award!

After screwing up big time on your on-air coverage of the Mumbai terror attacks you have just showed us how low you can go in the off-air world.

It is a surreal world indeed when you -- a channel whose very existence depends on the right to free speech -- unleash your legal team to stop a member of "We the People" from exercising that right.

You may have muzzled his voice, but the other members of his tribe have chosen to speak up.

Let's start with this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this.

Those are just from today. They make you go, "Enough is Enough!", don't they?

* * *

The apology you extracted reminds us of re-education programs that totalitarian regimes impose on dissidents. Or of re-induction rituals in third rate gangster movies.

But I think Gaurav has made the most appropriate link between what you did and what another organization did over three years ago.

That organization is IIPM.

You're in some seriously classy company.



  1. Anonymous said...

    Sepia Mutiny commentator on Barkha Dutt:

    >her hysterical running around during the IC 814 hijack to Kandahar was less suited for a reporter than for a rabid wild animal with hemorrhoids.

    >She's always been the Geraldo Rivera of India - pushy, slimy and thoroughly unprincipled, except that the Indian media being far less mature and sophisticated than US media, nobody in India realizes that's a Bad Thing.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Isn't anonymous blogging a solution for these kind of problems?

  3. சாத்தான் said...

    I don't think so. Our ISPs would gladly help NDTVs and TOIs in finding the bloggers' IDs.

  4. Suraj Chandrakar said...

    Well, this is a little off-topic but there are like half a dozen workarounds of staying anonymous & blogging, and not being traced back by the kind of intelligence level Indian ISPs are known to have.