Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Diploma mills in the US

  • Four people bought seven degrees or certificates; 10 bought six degrees or certifcates; 22 bought five degrees or certificates; and 76 bought four.
  • Of the 9,612 purchasers, 826 bought at least one Ph.D. and 41 bought two doctorates.
  • Some of those doctorates were awarded in health-related fields, including at least two naturopathic doctorates, two doctorates in naturopathic medicine, one Ph.D. in medicine and one "medical" Ph.D. An Australian bought a Ph.D. in natural and nutritional sciences. A customer without a listed address bought a Ph.D. in molecular medicine. Another customer, also without an address listed in the database, bought a Ph.D. in veterinary medicine and epidemiology, and a Master of Science in veterinary clinical medicine.

More shocking details, including the names of some of the people who bought their degrees, are here.

Here's an India-China comparison: In the complete list of diploma buyers, six are from China. In contrast, I found over seventy five people from India (their real number, however, is likely smaller, because quite a few appear to have used different variations of their names).