Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dark Knight

Harini says it's "more than a Batman movie. It is cinema."

A Psychologist's View.

This film is really about the Joker. We're lured in to his world, where we learn what he's capable of and what he cares about—what motivates him. Learning more about him is like watching a car accident unfold, but worse and more frightening, because it feels like you might be hit next. Nolan's incarnation of the Joker, and Batman's reactions to him, seem so real that The Dark Knight doesn't feel like a superhero movie, but like a documentary on the emergence of a terrorist-cum-serial killer.

A Feminist's View.

Men are talking. They are making decisions, they are explaining the motivations of the characters, they are illuminating the world they live in by describing it. And this is because the world the men of The Dark Knight or Iron Man live in, far more than the one we live in, is a man's world, where all the important actors are men.

I do sooo look forward to seeing this movie...


  1. Pratik . said...

    The movie is good, but cutting short the last half hour to 10 minutes would have helped.

    IMHO, the Joker stole the limelight.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Game Theorists on 'The Dark Night'

    1. The Dark Knight and Game Theory

    2. Game Theory and The Dark Knight

  3. Yayaver said...

    This movie is not about hero.It tells the evolution of hero to protecting warrior for the sake of society.When anyone(criminals too)is pushed to limit of the tolerance,their behavior changes from normal psychology of human.This insanity was represented by Joker against fearful reign of Batman in Gotham.
    Movie is really a gem and must watch for every one.

  4. Bombchell said...

    interesting perspectives.

    hmm @ above comment by Yayavar, i find the 1st 2 sentences conflicting., not about a hero.. but tell the evolution of a hero?

    eitherways it was a cool movie. and yeah that's true they were hardly any females.

    hmm I wonder how interesting it would have been if we saw the Joker's love interest, Harley Quinn