Monday, June 02, 2008

OBC students' performance in JEE-2008

In the previous post, I noted that there were 1134 OBC students among the 8652 rank-holders in this year's JEE.

In the absence of detailed data from the IITs, all we have got are bits of information. Here's a news report (which is supposed to have been sourced from DNA, but I could not locate it on the DNA site [Update: found it!]), which claims that all the 1,134 rank-holders from the OBC category are in the "open merit list". It goes on to quote some IIT official:

This is 14.35% of the general category. 8,652 candidates have qualified to seek admission to 6,872 seats available. Last year, 13.74% OBC candidates had made it to the IITs without reservation.

“The OBC candidates have secured good ranks and all are in the common merit list,” said a JEE official.

“So, a relaxed criterion may not need to be invoked for them.”

Now, the figure of 14.35% is wrong; 1134 out of 8652 comes out to 13.1 percent. More substantively, the last statement is confusing because iffy statements (such as "may not need to") are meaningless when the results are already known -- either a relaxed criterion was used, or it was not!

Anyways, I think the following interpretation is reasonable: Since the overall quantum of OBC reservation (X percent -- I think X is 9 -- in existing IITs and 27 percent in the six new IITs) works out to a number smaller than 13.1 percent (and since OBC students already form 13.1 percent of the JEE rank-holders) there was no need to invoke a relaxation in the cut-off marks for OBC students.

Is this interpretation correct?

[Here's yet another bit: I found a blog post that says that someone with an overall rank of 2902 has an OBC rank of 367. Thus, about 12.5 percent of the top 3000 ranks belong to OBCS.]

The news report says that on the first of August, the IITs will make all the JEE-related information public on their website. We'll have to wait until then ...


  1. புருனோ Bruno said...

    OBC Reservation is needed as long as OBCs get 50 % of the Open Seats

    SO they are of course needed (today) in IIT JEE


    If at all you need a place where you do not need OBC Reservation, as already enough number of people are competing in open seats, consider Tamil Nadu :) :) :)


    By the way, what was the OBC Percentage 5 years ago

    Was it the same 12 % of just 2 %


    Has the OBC selection percentage increased this year after it was known (following a spade of RTI Applications in the past two years)
    that the exam conducting body has to explain every thing :) :) :) :)


    And one final question

    What is the amount of candidates FROM Backward Communities, who had income above 2.5 lakhs and has to compete as OC

    That will be interesting

  2. Anonymous said...


    Nice set of questions :)

  3. cipher said...

    I thought that 9 percent OBC seats would be in addition to what OBCs already get in the general merit list. Is this wrong ?.
    In other words, if a candidate declares himself to be an OBC but gets a score greater than the last candidate in the general category, would he be in the OBC list or would he be included in the general category list.

  4. புருனோ Bruno said...


    There is something called as Women's Compartment in Train

    Only ladies can get in

    On the other hand, a lady can get in the general compartment also
    There is an institute Quota in AIIMS. Only those who did MBBS in AIIMS (even if they don't get 20 % ) in Entrance can get it

    But in the General Category, both the outsider as well as AIIMS Undergraduate can get in