Monday, June 23, 2008

IIPM? A fake university?

Who could have imagined that our very own UGC would classify the 'think beyond the IIMs' institution as a fake university, along with the likes of "Commercial University, Ltd."?

But IIPM doesn't like this classification, and has gone to court.

... [S]enior advocate A S Chandiok, appearing for the IIPM, contended that the main reservation was regarding the use of the word "fake" by the UGC about the institution.

"We do not mind being called unrecognised. But, the word fake is not correct and this should not be used as it gives wrong signal," Chandiok said.


  1. Anonymous said...

    The demand of IIPM is very reasonable. Calling them "fake" is highly irregular. Why cant the UGC just say they are un-recognized. Fake involves some criminal activity, involves some illegality. If the UGC thinks they are illegal, they should act on that, not stoop to such attacks.

  2. Yogesh K. Upadhyaya said...


    As PC said, it will be unfair to call IIPM as fake university. The institute started working around 1975. IIM bloggers will try to dig out all negative things about the institute. The institute has not cared to get UGC recognition, since it will involve divulging financial details.

    The institute has several campuses around the country. It charges around Rs. 5-6 lacs per year but provides laptop and traning abroad. It has very good campuses, good libraries and other facilities.

    I know some of the alumni of the college getting excellent placement in multi-national companies. As its chairman says, we are providing MBA education as govt. has failed to provide to masses.

    Another curious thing I found in Bombay that many MBA's from local non-descript colleges getting good placement (with only B Com under degree) with Rs. 70-80K/month starting salary, a fact which IIMs boast for its placement. Although rise of IIM graduates will be much faster in the career.


    Yogesh K Upadhyaya
    New Jersey

  3. Niket said...


    Do I spot an anti-IIM / anti-IIT strain here?

    "IIM students digging dirt on IIPM" is a low-blow.

    Masses by your definition (and that of IIPM chairman) are those who can shell out Rs. 5-6 lakhs per year. And you complain about the fact that IITs fail because a smart student from a poor background can't get in because of the need of coaching classes!! (A valid criticism, I might add.)

    So, essentially what I need to do is start a "university", make claims how IITs/IIMs don't cater to masses, charge a shitload of money, give back a part of it in the form of laptops (Rs. 40K) and foreign tours (Rs. 50K)... education be damned!

  4. Anonymous said...

    "Fake" is the least that could have been used by UGC. I wanted to see something like "Cheating" or "Bogus" or something more derogatory. First, by no means an individual should be allowed to run a shop in the name of an educational institute if they are not following rules of land (read UGC/AICTE here). Second, an educational institute is not just abould fancy buildings, giving away laptops or foreign tours. There is much more to it which I think that concerned people at IIPM would not be even aware of.
    Third, whatever court decides, the so called institute should be stopped immediately from publish any ads, misleading thousands of students accross the country. Just by printing the "facts" in 1/20th font size of "MBA" and "BBA" words, should not let them go away.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Fake -"Some thing that does not exist or exist with virtues being questioned regularly" Thats my understanding of the Fake status.
    And yes with questionable pedegree, the plight of the MASSES charaded in the corporate world coming out of SACRED IIPM campuses of world class standards(The trick to befool the chunk of the poor massses and to lure them for an ambiguous degree and a questionable career).in short-IIPM ki aukat nahi hai to make such tall claims. try and ideate with the plight of our alter egos from small towns who are robbed of their land jewelry and other belongings to pay fees for an institute serving his duty towards the nation where government has FAILED. I reiterate IIPM ki AUKKAT nahi hai.Stop this racket of cheating and trickery.

  6. Rome Mele said...

    I wonder how much IIPM and Mr.Arindham spends for the Ads. Over the years, covering the full page Ads in most of the newspaper and mags, and the subsequent claims made by IIPM, simply makes me think - Why the hell one needs to shout this much, if at all it were true at the first place?

    I recently asked one of my cousin ( keen about doing MBA ) not to opt for IIPM. Reason - It takes too much to believe the claims they make in their ads, and of course everytime, here and there... now and then. These ads just looks like a desperate attempt to woo students, but I guess in this process, they Shoo lot many of them as well.

  7. Anonymous said...

    their is one more blog who is exosing real harsh facts about IIPM plcmnt. do visit it. its really informative

  8. Unknown said...

    i just joined iipm for its ugc+mba in 3 years program i had to pay more than 2 lakh as first instalment...can anybody help me? what shall i do know? please reply

  9. Anonymous said...

    i just joined iipm for its ugc+mba in 3 years program i had to pay more than 2 lakh as first instalment...can anybody help me? what shall i do know? please reply

    Dude continue with your course and get yourself placed. Thats all you can do now. 2 lakhs is too much money. you wont get it back now

  10. Anonymous said...

    >>i just joined iipm for its ugc+mba in 3 years program i had to pay more than 2 lakh as first instalment...can anybody help me? what shall i do know? please reply

    UGC + MBA?? If this is what you were promised and if you even have a "single" written record, sue IIPM and ask for a refund. IIPM is not authorized to give any degree forget about an MBA. Yes then can give you a certification.