Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Over at Tantu Jaal, Sunil Mukhi talks about reading Shakespeare at bed time. While you have to read Mukhi's post for the main story, I will highlight this 'aside' about short reads for bed time:

...[I]t's hard to figure out what to pick out of the shelf for a short bedtime read.

A newspaper would be the obvious choice, but there isn't any Indian newspaper that doesn't make me want to instantly throw up. The Hindustan Times, my last hope, has turned into a pathetic little tabloid. Yesterday it presented as *headline news* the fact that some assistant at a sports clothing store in Bombay tried to photograph a woman in the changing room using his mobile camera... leading of course in typical Indian fashion to (i) strictures against sporting goods stores, (ii) confiscation of all mobile phones in India, (iii) armour-plating all changing rooms, (iv) renaming the store in Marathi. The last one will, I'm sure, work best.

OK, I digressed. ...

* * *

And, Apurva is tickled by a bizarre search query that led someone to his blog.