Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lakshman Nyari

It is always sad when we get a notice to come to the Institute's main building for a condolence meeting. So it was when we received one two days ago.

Mr. Lakshman Nyari, one of the workers in a mess at IISc, was killed (along with his wife and a daughter) in a road accident. Though I could not go to the condolence meeting, I learned later that quite a few students had visited his house to pay their respects. And I knew immediately that Lakshman must have been special.

As if I needed confirmation, at least a couple of people have paid their tributes to Lakshman on their blogs.


It was men like Lakshman whose services went beyond the call of duty that made A-mess the place it was — a home away from home, a surrogate home, and the only mess where I felt at home, literally.


When he serves from the buffet place, I am sure everyone eats more happily. If you tell him, "enough". He says, "Crispy Dosa, Sir. Take two more." You cannot refuse. You take at least one.