Sunday, October 07, 2007

12 Years of Outlook

I don't know what is so special about 12, but I'm just glad that the 'anniversary issue' has now become a tradition at Outlook. Any celebration that gives the magazine a chance to look back at some of its best coverage is always welcome. Here's the issue, so you can dip into its goodies.

One of the really great things about Outlook -- aside from its firm resolve to be a pain in the Parivar's butt -- is its editor's light touch. Here's the opening paragraph from 12th anniversary editorial:

If you make a list of the many alleged weaknesses—biased, trivial, anti-BJP, anti-Hindu, cricket-obsessed, etc—of this publication, self-glorification is likely to be missing from the list. A journal which constantly needs to pat itself on the back reminding its readers what a great job it is doing is in a sense admitting that its journalistic virtues are hidden. Whether that is the case with Outlook is not for me to say. I will leave that judgement to those who pay Rs 20 every week. What I can claim, on the basis of the huge mail I get every day, is that the jury is still out.

And here's another example of the utterly unstuffy Vinod Mehta:

Spare Me the Parsimony: Among the two or three abusive e-mails I receive daily, there is usually some mention of my being born out of wedlock. You Parsi b****** is how they frequently describe me. India is a free country, so everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but errors of fact must be corrected. Hate mailwallahs please note I am a Punjabi, not a Parsi.


  1. Anonymous said...

    a magazine that prides itself on being - anti Hindu :)

    It happens only in India, where people can pride themselves to be anti-majority.

  2. ankan said...

    hmm...Another "great" thing about Outlook is that they are immune to any criticism. They have a single point agenda, very much like the Fox News.

    Just as an aside, it is easy for Vinod Mehta to appear unstuffy in his own rag. Those who watched how he reacted when he was owned by Madhu Kishwar on the Big Fight some time ago know how "stuffy" he really is!

  3. Abi said...

    Anon: If you are trying to frame the Parivar as the spokeperson for all Hindus, sorry! You should try harder, or perhaps you should try looking for more gullible people!

    Ankan: I too am not impressed by Vinod Mehta's TV appearances. But that should not detract us from the fantastic job he has done with Outlook.

    BTW, what is the 'single point agenda' that you think Outlook is pursuing?