Thursday, October 11, 2007

Geeky hepness in the most elite institution in India

Samudrika has a tutorial on how to be 'grep' -- geekily hep -- in her esteemed institution. Here's the advice on computer operating systems:

7. OS - "Never judge a book by its cover, a man by his shoes or a geek by his operating system.", so said a wise man. but who listens to wise men anyways? Be warned, you WILL be judged by your OS. You must know UNIX/LINUX or at least pretend to use it even if you cannot use the command terminal and prefer a mouse. OSX is a close second. Mention Windows XP you will be summarily eliminated from the conversation. Vista and you might as well jump into the sea.

And I like this one:

10. Must be a blogger or a blogger to be. The latter mainly means reading blogs.


  1. Blue said...

    So.... I scored a 9/10. Never heard of any of the non-fiction books (strange, yes?). Instead of the Tao of Physics, may I substitute the Tao of Pooh?