Friday, September 07, 2007

ToI covers the IIT-K incident

Akhilesh Kumar Singh of the Times of India covers the callous way in which a boy with a snake-bite was turned away by a doctor at IIT-K's health centre. The basic details are essentially the same as those posted here as well as on Mridula's blog. The only new information we now have is the name of the doctor: Meera Batra.

Singh's report, however, does not cover the second incident in IIT-K in which a contract labourer died due to safety violations at his workplace.


  1. Yogesh K. Upadhyaya said...


    One more related news item appeared in Indian Express today:

    IIT-K deaths: NGO seeks aid for families

    Thanks for publishing the news on your blog, which is picked now by national newspapers. This shows that blogs can be the catalyst for social justice.

    Yogesh K. Upadhyaya