Monday, September 10, 2007

Mobius Stripped offers a few more data points about ...

... the issue we blogged about here: Is the West more attractive to Indian women than to Indian men? In his post, laden with some sharp humour, he offers quite a few data points supporting the thesis of Sharath Rao's friend. Here's a sample:

[Sridevi Thayirvadai] now is Dam sHoor she can’t gel with her parents or in-laws back in India.

Wouldn’t she be the chief conspirator of her thayirvadai husband’s death by not wearing the thaali for a day in India? In the name of a tradition that is immune to the utilitarian demands of the times, why the heck should she wear the madisaar - nine yards of insulation wrapped to keep her innards always molten and sweaty? And anyway, doesn’t she have a right to lead her life with her thayirvadai the way she wants it?


  1. Pratik . said...

    moral of the story - Sharath Rao's friend is spot on.

    I could recall only one counter examples, where the wife, a project leader in a leading s.w. firm wants to return, but the husband, another P.L. in another s.w. company doesnt); other than that, all I know of are zillions of examples to strengthen his friend's views.