Friday, September 07, 2007

A brilliant move by the IISc Hockey Association

Bring "Chak De India" to IISc. And make it free for every IIScian.

Ever since the announcement was made two days ago, there was a lot of excitement, which got to even those who have never played hockey in all their lives. Like our six year old son.

So it was that I took him and his friend to our Gymkhana this evening, and we all became a part of a fantastic mela there.

Since none of us know Hindi, the early and middle parts were a bit of a drag. This was when a lot of chips and biscuits got consumed, and our son had a brain wave about starting hockey from tomorrow. The stall selling hockey sticks and balls outside the Gymkhana seems to have had a subliminal effect.

Anyways, once the story got to the World Cup, the kids enjoyed every minute of it.

Well, almost.

Their lusty cheering was marred by King Khan's pre-match talk to the players before the final against Australia. After what seemed like an painful mini-eternity, the best moment of the evening came when our son's friend asked, "Why is this uncle talking so much? They should be playing the final, no?".


  1. sugan said...

    oops...sharukh's pre-final talk is one of the USPs of the film. Actually, I thought that was a pretty good one. I saw it in the promos - yet to see the movie can't comment on it being a speed breaker.