Sunday, July 15, 2007

uSuckBook: the anti-social network ...

Like many of you, I too have my profile up on many, many sites (Orkut, MySpace, MyBlogLog, LinkedIn, Nature Network, Vox, and Facebook). Not (really) out of any great conviction that this is the way to go, but just to get a feel for this phenomenon called social networking. Sadly, I'm still not sure what all the rage is all about, but that may be because I am clueless.

In any case, given the sudden, steep and awesome rise in popularity of Facebook, it's only a matter of time someone realizes the great hidden potential of uSuckBook.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Basically, it is keeping up to date with friends without moving the butt or lifting the phone. An easier way to aggregate all your friends in one place and know what is happening in their life. Many also use it to network (especially people in the business and media) with others and facebook (and other social networks) keeps you in the vision of those people with whom one wants to network. Old fashioned real world networking with just few clicks.

  2. Anonymous said...

    In short, you get to know what is happening in my life and I get to know what is happening with your life, without even lifting the phone and talking. You get rid of another chore from your life :-). The shift can be seen by comparing with "postal mail to email move". Here you move from "real world networking to social networks" and things happen in real time without much efforts on both the sides.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Hello Prof.

    Looks like you have only sampled the strictly "social networking" sites.

    I am sure you have tried delicious, citeulike and stumbleupon - which are kinda social bookmarking applications.

    So within this whole big thing called web 2.0 ..and some of the ones you ( and I ) mentioned are within these.

    I think any application involving shared data ( videos/songs/maps/pics/links) is great.