Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Profile of undergraduate students at the University of California

  • 23 percent of UC undergraduates were born outside the United States, and another 37 percent born in the U.S. have at least one parent who was born outside the U.S.
  • 35 percent are not native speakers of English.

These numbers are pretty astonishing for a public university system, and they are from this report [via Inside HigherEd] on a survey of UC undergrad students. The survey page is here.


  1. amitscorpio said...

    I recently heard from a friend that girls intake in IIT Kharagpur has doubled this year. In fact they dont have enough housing options for them and they have to house them 2 in one room!!
    also look at this article: http://www.ibnlive.com/videos/45529/bihar-girl-passes-iit-entrance-loses-seat-for-money.html

  2. Anonymous said...


    UCLA has been ''discriminating'' against Asian students for quite some time otherwise Whites simply won't get in according to their proportion. This is allegedly more pronounced in case of Chinese and perhaps Indians--though, I am not sure about the latter.