Saturday, July 28, 2007

IIM-B's "trade secret" is out

Sharath Rao points us to yet another RTI success story. Following an order from the Central Information Commission, IIM-B has now coughed up the ingredients of its secret formula for selecting students for its MBA program:

... [It's] your Class X and Class XII results that account for more — 25% of the final score; your Bachelor’s degree 15%. The factor with the maximum weightage is your performance in group discussion (GD), GD summary and personal interview — 35%. The balance 5% depends on work experience and whether you have taken a “professional course”.

And if you thought a B.Tech from IIT gives you an extra advantage, sorry. Only a Chartered Accountancy course qualifies as a “professional course.”

When it comes to work experience, three years will get you the maximum score depending on the quality and relevance of your job, anything more than three years means a lower score: you get zero points if you have slogged for 12 years.

IIM-B has the details of its selection process in this document (pdf). It would be interesting to see if the other IIMs respond by revealing their formulas too.

* * *

In its coverage of the same story, ToI reports that IIM-B had earlier stated that "its admission process was a 'trade secret'."

* * *

While we are on the topic of the Right to Information (RTI) Act, does anyone have an update on the Central Information Commission's order to IIT-KGP to reveal the details of its admission process?