Saturday, June 23, 2007

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the University of Mumbai

Today, I am happy to announce that we intend to establish 30 new Central Universities across the country. The work on the modalities for setting these up has begun and the Ministry of Human resource Development, the UGC and the Planning Commission are working to operationalize this in the next 2-3 months. This expansion is going to be a landmark in expanding access to high quality education across the country.

These Universities, in my view, should focus on achieving international standards of excellence and should be rated among the top institutions in the world. They should have the best faculty, excellent physical resources, a wide range of disciplines, and most importantly, a diverse student body. They should become the launching pads for our entry into the knowledge economy.

From his address at the 150th anniversary celebrations of the University of Mumbai.


  1. Pratik . said...

    would those univerisities take a holisitic view of academics, or would they keep beating the engineering horse?

  2. Anonymous said...


    I hope my among-the-top-20-indian-colleges-in-india-todays-survey engineering college gets staffed first. There were only two PhDs in my department, one close to retiring. There are several classes in which the teachers dont show up, simply because faculty is short on numbers. And this college has been around for decades. I passed out last year.

    There are others like it.

    And now this fellow wants to create 30 more. And universities at that. Way to go Optus Prime.