Monday, June 04, 2007

End Campus Casteism

There's a new blog called the War Against Casteist Oppression in Academics [Hat tip: Bhaskar]. It's more than an awareness-raising effort, it's a protest blog with an appropriately aggressive tone -- in the fine tradition of several others that I know of: Blank Noise Project, Stop Ragging and Atrocity News.

While its two posts (so far) mention AIIMS, the people behind the blog -- who identify themselves only as a group of students and professionals -- have clearly stated that it is meant for casteism in all Indian institutions.

If you are wondering if such an effort is needed, take a look at this and this.


  1. barbarindian said...

    More empty rhetorics and casteist vitriol. I am willing to bet the number of posts will remain at two. It is not clear whether they will accept "OBC on everyone else" violence reports, especially in state univs that are hotbeds of politics.

    They sure could do with some spelling and grammar check. Is this another offshoot of The Other India?