Wednesday, June 13, 2007

President Faust

The Boston Globe has a profile of Prof. Drew Gilpin Faust who will take over as the President of Harvard in three weeks. The fascinating profile covers the major milestones in her scholarly contributions in her field: American History. It also lays out the challenges she will face in her new, ultra-high profile role at Harvard:

Faust's own new role is a formidable one. As Harvard's president she will have to manage not only a major expansion of the campus and the reform of the undergraduate curriculum, but the day-to-day demands of running an institution with a $30 billion endowment and a collection of mind-bogglingly large (and often tenured) egos. To succeed, she'll need to take on entrenched interests within the university, knowing when to play the conciliator and when to provoke debates.If her past is any guide, the latter should come naturally. [...]