Friday, April 27, 2007


  1. In these post Virginia Tech days, don't get too 'emotional' in your creative writing or English assignments. If you do, consequences can be pretty bad.
  2. Dani Rodrik on globalization and (procedural) fairness: "... [M]ost of us would care about the manner in which the distributional change occurred--i.e., about procedural fairness. The fact that the shock created a net gain ... is not enough to conclude that it is a change for the better. "
  3. Vedanta University's website is up; it's looking for someone to become its Provost and Chief Academic Officer. The first line of its faculty page -- "Vedanta University’s academic strength is drirctly dependent on the caliber of faculty" -- indicates that it should hire a proof reader first. [Thanks to reader-commenter AS for the pointer.]
  4. Students (and at least one faculty member) at a university protested the visit of Vice President Dick Cheney. So what's the big deal? It happened at BYU. Here's a post by the faculty member who joined the protest.
  5. Wicked (and made up) words of wisdom that will make you feel "overflowing with this sense of goodness". Raj brings us Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mother Theresa and many other luminaries. Here's a sample:

    As Abraham Lincoln put it seven scores and five years ago, "a man who does not make a difference is indifferent".

  6. Gawker brings us news with this headline: Patent application approved, Indian men to have exclusive rights over Indian women.


  1. Anonymous said...


    You need more patience and less petulance and definitely a lot more sensible readers (OK, I know you have control over that). I mean the non-commie/non-Sid Varadarajan and the non-dork/non-dumb variety. But given the company you keep I guess this is th ebest you can expect? Anyway I am surprised you missed this -

    Indian Foundation Will Give $1-Billion to Create a Huge Research University That's a lot of money even in the US and a v.v.large sum of money in India. Let's hope that the decripit university system in India simply fades into insignificance and a 100 JN Tatas (the man who founded the school that employs you), Birlas, and Pandit Malaviyas (the visionary who founded your alma mater BHU) create a new educational infrastructure.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Oops, in my petulance I missed that that shd have been

    OK, I know you have no control over that!

  3. Abi said...

    Manvantra: Sweet irony (about that petulance thing), isn't it?!

    I promise you that I will keep watching the developments at Vedanta. It seems like an interesting (and huge!) experiment. For the moment, I will keep my suspicions in check, and wait for this experiment to unfold before coming to a conclusion.

    You appear to be new here, so you may not know that I'm not against private universities. Except that I haven't seen one that we can hold up as a great example. Even in states like Gujarat that are private-sector friendly.

  4. Anonymous said...


    This is the biggest comprehensive university project in India since BHU - India's only true university and its finest. I am glad that you don't mind private universities. I would be happier if intellectuals such as yourself endorsed this project and helped it along. Because this project is reaching v.high and the single most ambitious thing anyone is talking about in India. The generation before us were witness to India becoming a free nation, but left this world disappointed (like my late father) at the waste of human talent and the foolish policies of the Congress besotted ignorantly with socialism.

  5. Blue said...

    Abi -- thanks for the link. The Vendanta project looks interesting... if the job ad states that the provost will be the "first academic individual hired," who or whom are the body of people writing the ad and designing the webpage?

  6. barbarindian said...

    You missed out their cross-disciplinary centers of excellence, they even have a Nanotech section.

  7. Anant said...

    Er...but are we all supposed to know what is BYU? I had to go to to figure out it is Brigham Young University.
    Thanks anyway for all these links.

  8. Raj said...

    Abhi, thanks for the plug. By the way, I was at IISc last week ( with the Dept of Aerospace Engg. Wanted to give you a call. Will do that next time.