Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First day at school ...

This post is not about our son's first day at his new school, it went swimmingly well, thank you. This is just a link to this post about Alfred Prufrock's daughter's first day at her new school:

First day of 'big school' and Very Small Person was quite excited. Not quite three years old but already a veteran, having started play school last June. The first week of play school had been traumatic for all of us. As we approached the door that first day, we were greeted by a chorus of wails and laments. VSP had been quite upbeat about the experience, but bawling is infectious among kids. Do you know how it feels when your child clings to you and howls? It went on for a week, and every day I felt like the veriest Herod for deserting her there.

Within a month her point of view had changed to "WHY won't you take me to school today?" (on Saturdays!) Perhaps she has a future in coalition politics.

So on the first day of 'big school' she was the seasoned veteran, wiping the tears of other babies for whom it was the first day out without their parents, even consoling them. ...