Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dumped: Plans for 'new' GRE

NYTimes reports:

After spending four years and $12 million on research, the Educational Testing Service has abandoned plans to introduce a revamped Graduate Record Exam this fall.


[The new version] included revised sections on verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing, totaling four hours in length. The current version is two and a half hours.

“The fundamental obstacle that we ran into was finding enough testing sites that we could ensure access for test takers around the world,” said David Payne, executive director of the G.R.E. program at the Educational Testing Service, in a telephone interview. “We know now that we simply can’t provide access for all the G.R.E. test-takers using that approach.”


  1. Pratik Ray said...

    so comforting to know that its not only DRDO which ends up spending money on research without generating (at least allegedly) results. ETS does it too!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    except that in the case of DRDO, all taxpayers have to fund it...in the case of ETS, only their shareholders and exam takers. that is a big difference.