Thursday, September 28, 2006


I knew that Shashi Tharoor is one of the candidtates for the UN's top post, but I didn't know that there are seven of them. This is what I learnt about the process from the NYTimes:

The United Nations selects its next secretary general this fall through a series of straw polls. The third of these — the most decisive to date — will be held today. In the vote, the 15 members of the Security Council “encourage,” “discourage” or venture “no opinion” on each of the candidates. To win, a candidate must have at least nine encouraging votes and no discouragement from any of the five permanent members of the Security Council. The winner is then presented to the General Assembly for ratification.

That link will also take you to articles by five of the candidates (including Tharoor), responding to (at least) two specific questions:

First, we asked them to discuss an avoidable mistake the United Nations had made within the last five years. Second, we asked them what major reform they would undertake as secretary general.


  1. gaddeswarup said...

    There is an article by Shashi Tharoor in the CASI occasiona papers in 2004 which may give some idea about him:
    It seems a nice article; other than that I do not know much about him.