Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Age on the Blanknoise Project

... Ms [Jasmeen] Patheja rebelled against altering her clothes just because of men.

In 2003, she started a one-woman crusade — called Blank Noise — against the crass and vulgar public behaviour of men.

It began with a blog, where she posted pictures of lechers who had hassled her.

The response from other women was terrific. Ms Patheja had struck a chord. Blank Noise now has groups throughout the country. It also has some male members.

That's from the profile (under the title "The Stare Wars") of the Blanknoise Project by the Australian newspaper, The Age. Hat tip: Swarup.


  1. Sanjay D said...

    Hi -- I read your blog once in a while and like some of the posts. I looked at the blanknoise project site, specifically the "unwanted men" pictures. I couldn't help coming away with a complete lack of credibility. There is a picture of a simple man smiling and the poster says "he didn't say anything bad to me, he didn't stare at me, i can't say how but he offended me"! Are you giving it praise just because it is PC to indulge in broad-brush male bashing? Look at the positive and negative comments on that picture.

  2. Unknown said...

    Yes, but you do understand that its impossible to point out why someone's look strikes you as harassment. If you keep an eye open for street chemistry, you will start noticing how just the way a person looks can make one shrink from it. Haven't we already seen too many hard working, office-returning unclejis take a grab when they can at women in crowded buses?