Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blogger upgrade ...

Though I upgraded to the new, improved Blogger a while ago, I didn't change the blog layout (aka template), simply because I needed more information about how to change things in the new template/layout. After all, I didn't want to mess up the nifty little 'sidebar thingy' that I had in so many old posts!

Sidebar Thingy!

Just this morning, thanks to Slashdot, I found, over at Banana Stew, all the information I needed. It's nice to know that, after choosing your new layout (which is highly customizable), Blogger allows you access to the innards (aka the HTML code) of your template for you to mess around with modify.

So, I now have an all new, totally radical, really cool, absolutely spiffy Blogger layout! I can add labels, too ...

Come on in, and check it out!


  1. ommachi said...

    Good looks...its time your blog needed one..;)

    I picked the same template as yours and modified it enough now it is nol onger recognizable for this one..(created a blog at blogspot just to check out the new stuff)

    may be an "emblem" is what you now want... ;)

    BTW, for some time now I shall use only my blogger ID to comment at your blog, for reasons you know through our common friends...

  2. Anonymous said...

    Spiffy indeed. One thing I noticed is that the comment window is all screwed up in firefox there is not vertical scrollbar, not sure if its only for me.

  3. Ramanarayan said...

    Hi Abi,
    Congrats on the upgrade and I am wondering whether it involved a huge learning curve and time. In contrast to the previous comment, the rendering of comment page in my firefox was okay.

    Just a comment on the sidebar thingy!
    It appears too close to the main content and I don't remember it being so close in the earlier version. Probably you can exploit the large margin space on either side, for separation.


  4. Madhat said...

    yeah, I converted too and it is indeed cool. Though I would prefer more options.

    Just one crib about this new beta format is that it is not keyboard friendly, ie, I am forced to use the mouse and cannot tab into some fields and it is quite irritating and slow.

  5. Abi said...

    Arunn: Thanks for your suggestion about the emblem! How's yours coming along?

    Kuttan: Thanks. I have checked my blog on both Windows (XP) and Linux. It looks okay for me. No problems with rendering, nor with scrolling.

    Ram: It didn't take much time, actually. It was quite easy, too. I took a while to do the upgrade from the old template, since at the time I moved to Blogger's new beta version (about three weeks ago), they didn't allow us access to the new template. Only when Banana Stew pointed out that the template can now be tinkered with, I changed to the new layout.

    MadHat: I don't use many of the shortcuts, so it hasn't bothered me so far. It's still in beta, though. Presumably, they will offer more options (including reinstating the shortcuts) when the new version goes live.

  6. Prins van Denemarken said...

    When I click on label link only the latest 20 relevant posts appear. How do you get those older en newer post links at the bottom of your page?

    Kind regards


  7. The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

    Very spiffy! I really liked how you categorised your posts and I'm glad you found out how to retain that.

    I'm also glad you didn't pick a red colour banner with black text boxes ;)