Thursday, August 03, 2006

Jas'made-up-a-story-now-what-do-you'want Singh

From the Hindu's editorial:

... In the days since the book's release, Mr. [Jaswant] Singh has chopped and changed the story — first relying on the "letter" to allege that the Rao regime put off nuclear testing under pressure from a forewarned U.S. Government, then dismissing the "letter" as being of no major consequence, going on to say that he was not sure if the person was a "civil servant or uncivil servant" or a "PMO official" and then simply throwing up his hands with "I don't have his name."

Thanks to this man's shenanigans, corrosive clouds hang over a gullible nation, causing acid rains that tarnish reputations that took an entire life to build.

All for what? A few more suckers to buy a silly book? I can't believe this selfish creep was considered a sane voice -- and even a wise voice, according to some -- in the previous regime.

* * *

Krish finds this entry in the Right Wing Dictionary.