Friday, August 04, 2006

Arun Shourie's talk on "Equal Opportunity"

Arun Shourie gave a talk in IISc yesterday on Equal Opportunity: Alternatives and their Efficacies. I have a post on this talk over at How the Other Half Lives.

* * *

Badri has the audio of P.S. Krishnan's lecture on Social Justice and Reservation. Krishnan is a "former secretary to the Government of India, former member secretary of the National Commission for Backward Classes, [and] ... [was] the Secretary in-charge during VP Singh's time resurrecting the Mandal Commission Report."

* * *

The reservation issue is in the news again. Mr. Veerappa Moily's Oversight Committee has recommended, in an interim report, a phased implementation (also check out this report) of the proposed OBC quotas in higher education.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Great talk by Arun Shourie, as always very well thought about arguments.