Tuesday, July 04, 2006

When gurukul met cybernetics ...

... the result was this software:

This is the fourth generation knowledge transfer system which combines the gurukul system of education and book-based teaching, Vasanth told PTI adding that it maps the student's mind 18 times per second to work out a strategy.

"After mapping his activities, it tells the student what time of the day he is most attentive and formulates a strategy for preparations," he said.

The software evaluates the student's lack of subject- wise knowledge and its remedial teaching technologies and provides optimal learning from a huge knowledge bank compiled by 60 full-time professors, according to Vasanth.

It does all this; but it can do even more!

On the basis of its evaluation, the software may even advise a student not to take a particular examination.

In case you are wondering, this software is called 'CLEaRS,' acronym for Compuertised Learning, Evaluation and Review System.

* * *

Thanks to Apurva Mathad for the e-mail alert.