Thursday, July 13, 2006

Diplomatic (parking) violations

Kuwait (246.2)
Pakistan (69.4)
Nigeria (58.6)
Bahrain (37.7)
Indonesia (36.1)

Some of the countries from the top of the list of parking violations by diplomats in NY City per year (and per diplomat, too!) during the five year period 1997-2002. The data is from this paper [via Tim Harford], which concludes that:

... diplomats from high corruption countries ... have significantly more parking violations, and these differences persist over time.

You do want to know the figure for India, don't you? It's 6.1 per diplomat, and it gives India a middling 79th position out of 146.

But, before I end this post, I just wanted to point out the other main conclusion from that paper:

... officials from countries that survey evidence indicates have less favorable popular views of the United States commit significantly more parking violations ...