Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Is the bunny going to stop now?

The Ambani brothers have called a halt to the bunny show, leading to musings by bloggers on relationship between siblings. And, newspaper editorials have welcomed the truce. Everybody wants us to forget the last seven months of acrimony as if it was just a bad dream.

Anil Ambani has written this 'Speaking Tree' column in yesterday's ToI. Read it; for a column on 'spiritual' matters, it is so filled with such thinly veiled jibes and assaults on you know who, it is quite hilarious.

So, things seem to be winding down; except, of course, for people like Thakurta; I am completely with them on this issue: the government and its arms (such as SEBI) must continue to investigate all -- really, all -- specific allegations of wrongdoing in Reliance and its associate companies; after all, these allegations have come from such an extremely credible source, that there must be some truth to at least some of them.

It makes one wonder why the Finance Minister has said "after this settlement, I don't think there is any need for an inquiry". Yesterday, the left parties demanded that the government should continue its investigation. They have also pointed out that the person who made these allegations have not retracted them (Sigh! I am unable to get the link from the Economic Times website).