Thursday, June 02, 2005

Friday fashion blogging: special Thursday edition

Do you know which Indian scientist said "While in Europe they dress for dinner, we in India undress"? Do you know the other Raman effect? Check out this piece by D. Balasubramanian, a well known academic who has been writing the column, Speaking of Science in the Hindu for a very long time. His latest column is on how the scientists' couture preferences have changed over the years. There are some interesting, light hearted comparisons of natural scientists with social scientists on this sartorial dimension.


  1. Anonymous said...

    interesting - does this 'couture shift' also mean that people (read women) who are non-saried are now being taken seriously? which is why most schools in India still insist on a sari women teachers. no sari = western = frivolous.
    (about the dinner dressing bit, my take has always been - in the west they undress to go to the beach, in india we dress up - note, not just dress, but dress up :))

  2. Anonymous said...

    Interesting.....but you can see subtle differences in dressing in science even in the States.

    Scientists from the east coast invariably dress more formally, usually wear a coat, and sometimes wear a tie.

    Here on the west coast it's more casual.....I've actually seen some speakers in a well pressed T-shirt (with a collar) and trousers, usually its just a formalish shirt/trouser, and rarely a coat. A must be kidding.

    The midwest is somewhat inbetween. ;-)