Saturday, February 01, 2014

Things I learn that make me go "WTF?"

... [It] is difficult, if not downright counterproductive, for public colleges and universities to tap private resources or seek to leverage old school ties with alumni to raise funds. The University Grants Commission’s practice of deducting such philanthropic contributions from a university’s grant-in-aid leaves little incentive for these institutes to conduct aggressive fundraising campaigns. While philanthropy cannot substitute public investment in education, there is certainly space for private players — at the individual and corporate levels — to drive change. An enabling regulatory regime would only help. [Bold emphasis added]

That's from this editorial in The Indian Express.

Is it true that UGC actually deducts "philanthropic contributions from a university's grant-in-aid"? Are our regulations really this bad?


  1. Vijay said...

    Dear Abi
    I will not be surprised if the editorial's statement about UGC is true but that needs checking. This used to be an 'old' view that has changed in many places supported by MHRD. Not sure if that has happened in UGC contexts. In any case, formally taking it up with the UGC should resolve it.

  2. Rohini Muthuswami said...

    I think it is true. I am at JNU and though we can get individual grants from private institutions, we can not get any donations to the University. We have to manage with the funds that the UGC provides. Institutes are directly under MHRD so they are governed by different set of rules. Even our salaries come from UGC and of course, promotion policies are dictated by UGC.

  3. Dheeraj Sanghi said...

    Till 1991, the budget of IITs was decided by MHRD, and MHRD would pay the difference between the approved budget and the resources raised by the Institute (which would primarily be the tuition, since no one would bother about philanthropic funds in this regime). When I approached the Institute about any option of making small gifts in late 80s, I was told that I could purchase books and donate, or I could purchase conference proceedings, or could pay the conference registration of some student/faculty coming to US for a conference. Basically, support things in a way that cash does not go to IIT.