Sunday, February 02, 2014


  1. Sendhil Mullainathan in NYTimes: Get Some Sleep, and Wake Up the G.D.P.. A great essay on the economic consequences of (lack of) sleep; along the way, we get this about the role of technology:

    Technology is an obvious culprit here. Web searching and cellphone use both flourish in the wee hours. Before the dawn of the web, I would stay up watching television. But there is something soporific about television: I would often nod off. Not so when I’m online. As technologies expand, these problems may only worsen.

  2. Andrew Anthony in The Guardian: The British amateur who debunked the mathematics of happiness.

  3. Ross Pomeroy in Real Clear Science has an example each for scientific articles with the shortest editorial, the shortest abstract, and the shortest paper. I knew about the last one, but the other two are pretty good, too. The one with the shortest abstract has an author from IIT-K.

  4. SMBC on Gay Sex and Bad Weather.