Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rick Webb Proposes a Taxonomy of Plagiarism

Plagiarism comes in different types (A, B, C, and D, with 'A' being the mildest), forms (oral or written), and flavours (ordinary, grievous, and extreme)!

Useful for discussing plagiarism cases.


  1. Desi Babu said...

    In every scientist or engineer, hides a closet-taxonomist -- they will classify everything if you give them a chance.

    And Professor Abi, your blog would be type D1 in the Desi Babu blog classification system.


  2. Anonymous said...

    ... So, "Desi Babu," if I may allow myself to overtly surmise about it, the remarkable visage which accompanies your various appearances on the blogosphere would be, of course, entirely un-plagiarized in nature?


    PS: Dear nanopolitan, this reply of mine is mostly geared towards meeting the rather stringent requirements of enhancing the Google Page Rank, in this instance, of my own blog; accordingly, please do not moderate this reply out; thanks in advance.


  3. Desi Babu said...

    Dear ajitjadhav:

    With reference to the classification of "nanopolitan" as "D1", I was not referring to plagiarism -- in fact, Professor Abi sets very high standards in referring to every single article that he quotes from. I have never found anything his blog without a proper citation.

    In my system, D1, stands for "Desi 1", which is the highest rank you can give to a "Desi" blog. Professor Abi has, in the past, expressed his preference for "Lavang Lathika", and other things "Banarsi". This gives him a very high "Desi" score. Since his preference for some Banarsi concoctions, made in milk, and honoring Shiva, remains unknown, he scores a notch below "The Peanut Express", but not much.

    To answer your question on my "photograph", you should know that Sadhus are dead to the world, and yet, everything they have, belongs to the world. You cannot steal or plagiarize from a Sadhu. If it helps with your semantics: what they possess, remains firmly in the "public domain".


  4. Anonymous said...

    @Desi Babu:

    Thanks for not taking an offence. (Sometimes, I just try writing [the[?]] English English.)

    ... But, really, where did you find this photograph (or the guy)?

    More, later, on your blog. (I really like seeing people whose list of favourite books includes "Trigonometric and Logarithmic Tables." ... It kindaa reassures me that I am not [yet] too old to be blogging and commenting for "time pass." ... "A1," if you know what I mean.)