Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Mid-career Academic : Award :: Pregnant Woman : Nausea

This out of the box analogy appears in a post from J. Devika at Kafila about a new award instituted by the University of Calicut. Here's an extended quote:

... If you are in the business of reading and writing in Kerala then you MUST receive some award by mid-career — it’s a bit like experiencing nausea and tiredness in early pregnancy. You MUST have it, it is the surest sign of being pregnant, and sometimes to enjoy people’s kindness towards a pregnant woman, you need to get vomiting soonest possible. You can’t get into a conversation about pregnancy with other women without being able to recount your experience of being nauseous and tired.


  1. gautam barua said...

    Wonderful article! Hankering for, and displaying awards is getting out of hand in our society. We are made to stoop so low to get awards! I have had some experience with the Padma awards and I am aghast at the things you have to do to get an award!
    Then there are organisations who "get" awards by giving away awards to "famous" people. By giving an award to say, Roddam Narsimha, an university gets "awarded"! So the heavily awarded gets even more awarded. The problem is, if you refuse awards of this category, you are seen to be selfish!

  2. gautam barua said...
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