Monday, April 08, 2013

Links: Indian Higher Ed Edition

  1. Over at Kafila: The Delhi University Four Year Structure -- Myths and Reality.

  2. The Telegraph reports from Assam: Pay-cut plan for off-campus doctorates. What in hell is an 'off-campus doctorate'?

  3. Saira Kurup in ToI: Jawaharlal Nehru University professor suspended for sexually harassing female student.

  4. The Deccan Herald published a news story about the founder of ISI, Pakistan's spy agency; but it used a picture pf Prof. Mahalanobils, the founder of ISI, the Indian Statistical Institute [Hat tip to Kaneenika Sinha, who has a screen-grab of the online version].

    The story has been available online since 4 April, and at least four people have pointed out the horrible error; and the DH has still not corrected the article. WTF, DH?


  1. Subrahmanya said...

    May be part-time Ph.D. is referred to as off-campus Ph.D.