Monday, April 22, 2013

Data Stories on India's Missing Women

The Data Stories blog has a great interactive infographic on a grim, but all too real, phenomenon that goes by the name "missing women". The post is triggered by a recent paper in EPW by Siwan Anderson and Debraj Ray who went beyond sex-selective abortion and infanticide to examine data on women's "excess mortality" across all age groups in India [The authors have presented summary at the Ideas for India site, which I linked to sometime ago].

Here's a short description of the infographic:

The paper calculated the numbers for 2003. I’ve redone the numbers to calculate excess female deaths per thousand across age-groups for India, China, and a number of Indian states [specifically, Haryana, UP, Kerala, Bengal, Bihar, and "Others"] for 2010. Each bar shows excess mortality per 1000 women in that age-group only.